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Qigong for companies

The slowly flowing movements in Qigong stretch the meridian channels in our body so that life energy (Chi) can flow through the body without blockages. At the same time, the joints are gently rotated and loosened. Qigong enables deep relaxation, promotes concentration of the mind, and strengthens and stabilizes the inner energy and body.

The beauty of Qigong is that ANYONE can learn it and the effects are felt immediately, but at the same time it has a depth that can be explored for a lifetime.

I work with groups as well as individuals in hospitals, companies and other institutions. I would like to offer you the opportunity to practice Qigong to try in your company. A great advantage of Qigongcourses at work is that it is very easy to implement and does not require any special prerequisites, but at the same time it has maximum positive effects in terms of stress reduction and prevention/health promotion. For the courses  you do not need any extra equipment such as mats or pillows and you can train in normal work clothes. This offers you and your employees the opportunity to regenerate during the working day and to do something for your health with little effort and without losing a lot of time.


Course details:


Duration of the course: 60 minutes, once a week, 10 weeks with an option to continue


Number of participants: 1-15


No special clothing is required. The room should be large enough for participants to stand an arm's length apart.


I would also be happy to visit you for a personal meeting. I look forward to hearing from you!


Max Planck Institutes

Natural History Museum in Stuttgart

Helbling Verlag GmbH, Esslingen

Steinbeis, Esslingen

W11K GmbH, Esslingen

LMC Service GmbH, Stuttgart

Clinic Stuttgart

Lufthansa Group

Oncological focus Stuttgart

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