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Welcome to Peaceful Dragon Qigong. The aim of my work is to share traditional Qigong, Tai Chi and Meditation in a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere and to make these ancient disciplines accessible for everyone to enjoy and benefit from. The focus of my teaching is to improve my students' mental and physical well-being and give them tools they can use for themselves to stay healthy and balanced in their lives.

I teach:




tai chi

I offer learning through 3 mediums:

In the group

Online video library to support personal training

One-to-One Lessons (in person or online)

What the customers say

"Thank you very much for the great course on Saturday!

I have sore muscles, but that's ok and otherwise I'm doing better than I've been in a very long time! I felt like I could move for the first time in two years. You took my fear away and gave me back some confidence in my body and mind. I can't thank you enough for that!!!

And I will definitely register for the next course!" Anja Laakmaan

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