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Qigong Classes

In these classes you will learn how to improve your mental and physical health through ancient and time-tested methods that have been practiced and passed on for over 2000 years.

The slowly flowing movements in Qigong open the meridian channels in our body so that life energy (Chi) can flow through the body without blockages. At the same time, the joints are gently rotated and loosened. Qigong enables deep relaxation, promotes concentration of the mind, and strengthens and stabilizes the inner energy and body.

The beauty of Qigong is that ANYONE can learn it and the effects can be felt immediately, but at the same time it has a depth that can be explored for a lifetime.

Qigong can be practiced sitting, standing and moving. All of these aspects are covered in these classes.

To participation in the classes no prior knowledge in Qigong is necessary. It is important to wear comfortable clothing and bring plenty to drink. Beginners can join in at any time.

Weekly classes from 24.09.2023


Sundays, 09.30 bis 10.30


Idogohaus, Böheimstraße 47/1, 70199 Stuttgart.


E-Mail me at

Tel. 0173 9573076

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