At AikiStuttgart we offer you the possibility to learn Tai Chi Qigong with Sifu Jules at the touch of a button, in the convenience of your own home, where ever that may be. The online learning process is as described below.


Phase 1

Students will be sent a video over WhatsApp with an exercise/form to practice

After 4/5 days practice the student should send a video back with what they have learnt

Student will then receive a feedback video, within 2/3 days with what should be improved plus a new exercise/form to learn

This process continues until the forms have all be learnt


Phase 2

The process starts again at the beginning but going into more depth looking at the finer details


In addition to this, if the student wishes, a 30 minute skype session will occur once a month for a questions and answers session



Costs: 80 Euro per month paid in advance over PayPal